Our Founder’s Story

Our Founder's Story

Francis Thuo
Francis Njenga Thuo

Francis Njoroge Thuo

Born in 1965 into a humble family in Murang’a, Kenya, at a place called Naaro in Kandara, I, Francis Njoroge Thuo, have navigated life’s challenging yet transformative journey. Our family later relocated to Matunda near Moi’s bridge in the western province of the Republic of Kenya in 1974. My educational foundation was laid at Matunda DEB, Lumakanda Boys, and Lugari High School, culminating in my graduation in 1984. The pursuit of higher education led me to Western College, now Masinde Muliro University, where I swiftly graduated in 1986.

Old Picture of Francis Thuo Selling FirewoodThe subsequent years were marked by a decade-long struggle with unemployment, during which I engaged in various businesses—selling firewood, managing a small shop, dealing in secondhand clothing, and even selling bread. Amidst these challenges, I found myself running a soup kitchen, a period that profoundly impacted me and solidified my commitment to alleviating the struggles faced by others.

In 2009, I sought further education at the Kenya Institute of Management, earning a diploma in purchase supply marketing. This educational milestone equipped me with valuable skills and set the stage for the future.

A significant turning point in my journey occurred in December 1998 when I secured employment with Maragua County (now Murang’a County). However, fate had more in store for me. In March 2010, I won the Green Card lottery, paving the way for my migration to the USA in April 2010. It has been my home for the past 13 years.

During my time in the USA, I dedicated myself to working with individuals with special needs since 2017, emphasizing my commitment to making a positive impact on those facing unique challenges.

Amidst my journey, the desire to assist the elderly took root in my heart. Personal experiences, particularly caring for my bedridden father from 2012 to 2015, inspired a new dimension of our mission. Witnessing the challenges faced by the aging, I resolved to extend assistance to the elderly, ensuring they could age with dignity and comfort. This commitment materialized in the formation of the Jamii Network Foundation.

Founded officially on January 26th, 2021, Jamii Network Foundation is registered as a charity under section 509(2a). The word “Jamii,” meaning “family,” encapsulates the spirit of unity and shared responsibility that drives our mission.

More than an organization, Jamii Network Foundation is a heartfelt response to the struggles of individuals and families, fueled by a commitment to bring about positive change in the lives of those who need it most.

Let’s make a difference in the lives of others