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Our Programs

At Jamii Network Foundation, our commitment to "Serving the People" is reflected in the diverse array of impactful programs designed to uplift lives and build stronger communities. Explore our initiatives, each a step towards creating positive, lasting change:

Healthy Food

Providing nutritious meals to those in need, ensuring everyone has access to the essential foundation for a healthy life.

Elderly Support

Offering compassionate care, mobility aid, and companionship to the elderly, enriching their lives with dignity and respect.

Medical Care

Delivering vital healthcare services to the less fortunate, ensuring access to medical attention regardless of economic circumstances.


Empowering minds through educational support, opening doors to a brighter future for the next generation of leaders and thinkers.

Mobility Support

Enhancing lives by providing wheelchairs, addressing mobility challenges, and promoting inclusivity for individuals facing physical limitations.

Youth Empowerment

Fostering the potential of the youth, providing resources and opportunities to empower them in building a successful and meaningful future.
We’re here to support those in need.

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We Deliver Impact

Our Good Deeds

Success Stories

Thanks to Jamii Network Foundation's educational support, I have went through high school and i am now pursuing Mechanical Engineering at Kenyatta University, breaking barriers and realizing my dream.

Andrew Muchangi Student
Andrew Muchangi

Jamii Network Foundation's support not only empowered me as an artist but has also contributed to the empowerment of youth, like enabling me to produce my songs and showcase my talent and dreams.

Ben G Upcoming Musician
Ben G Musician

Jamii Network Foundation has been a game-changer in my educational journey at KMTC. Their support has not only lightened my financial burden but has also fueled my passion for healthcare. Grateful for this transformative opportunity!

Steve Kiprotich Student - KMTC
Steve Kiprotich KMTC

Grateful to Jamii Network Foundation and Francis, He has settled me and given me a shelter at his shamba, this has helped me find stability and a sense of home thanks to their unwavering support and commitment to transforming lives.


Let’s make a difference in the lives of others